On missing out

Recently, my iPhone bricked. The genius bar could not help it, and due to a variety of very exciting developments in my life, I could not get another phone before the end of the contract period with ATT. So I’ve not had a phone for 2 weeks.

Let me tell you: not having infinity in my pocket has been so very gratifying!

I hate to paint a hippie-dippy paleo picture of life before technology, because here I am writing on my Macbook, but rather that by not having a phone in my pocket, I’m creatively bored. Things stick in their longer, digest better, and result in clearer outcomes. The chance to NOT impulsively explore every whim is actually exciting.

Other fringe benefits: I’ve further come to appreciate how great KUTX is because I can’t just put on a podcast or Apple Music when I get in the car. And while I can’t “remember” all of the new or interesting music I hear, I am paying better attention to it than I did before.

Since I’ve not clicked the dopamine button all day long, I’m also able to better control any computer time I have away from non-working hours. Life is more interesting because I haven’t created a hyper-stimulated environment to dull the wonderful sheen of analogue living.

As such, the next thing I’ll do is that, when I get a phone again, I’ll be dumbing it down so that I can reap the benefits (like Maps and, you know, phone calls) without the downsides.

4 thoughts on “On missing out

  1. Great article here Skyler. I love all this technology but wow can it take up one’s time.

    I really like the older article of yours that you just recenty linked on bodybyscience.net regarding the many things that work to improve strength.

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