ARXfit Endurance Update

When I was talking to Andrew about this challenge I set for myself, he said something along the lines of “That’s a really long time to train for an event.”

When I said it to my wife, who has run 6 marathons, she said something to the effect of “That’s too much time to train.”

In true husband form, I knew she had no idea what she was talking about. Also in true husband form, she was of course correct.

The summer has been largely ARX every other week (with a James Steele-like bodyweight workout to fatigue in my garage in the in-between weeks) and the weighted 3 mile run in high heat and humidity. Interval work has been sporadic, as having the kids home for the summer means that I have daddy duty during when I would otherwise be able to grab a workout and cry on the floor afterward.

That said, Andrew’s apprentice did something like 20 minutes a week over 4 months, on average, so I’ll just say summer is for heat adaptation and that will serve me well come November.

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