The Future of Strength Training?

Also makes jigawatts.
Also makes jigawatts.

So my studio recently became a testing ground for what just may be the future of exercise. What if you could train a muscle to total exhaustion, safetly, without the aid of spotters to save a large weight from crushing your skull? Intrigued? Read on…While Efficient Exercise has been on the cutting edge, using training equipment to perform negative-only work without Superman and the Hulk as your training partners, there is still a strain on the trainer. On top of that, while negative-only work is where the majority of the microtrauma occurs, the positive portion is extremely beneficial…just look at olympic lifters and bicyclists who perform nothing but positives and are built to the hilt! This new equipment aims to solve these dilemmas, safetly providing the maximum possible resistence at every point in the range of motion with total safety. Take a look:

The last video is of Dr. Doug McGuff training just before giving a presentation about his new book, Body by Science. The good doctor can take a beating! What you see in the video is a meter measuring force output at all points in the range of motion. It’s very interesting to see how leverage drastically changes on the squat and deadlift, especially for long-limbed athletes.

Is this the end-all, be-all of training? That depends. Can it be a part of your macrocycle if your goals are hypertrophy? Absolutely. I also look forward to the amount of bone I’ll put on my old ladies who come to me because of osteoperosis but have a fear of lifting “heavy” because they believe themselves to be brittle (another discussion entirely). It’s the fleshing-out of the max contraction/time static contraction ideas in a safe, more effective manner. Get excited!

12 thoughts on “The Future of Strength Training?

  1. Words can not describe the level of intensity those things provide. Until people actually get on them and use them, it’s going to be very, very difficult to convey just how brutal it is.


    The only thing I have to get people thinking about is that they aren’t going to feel any resistance bearing down on them and they simply have to push like hell. Once they get that, they get it.

  2. My first “official” workout on the vertical machine will be next Sat. Last Sat was more of a test than a workout. Just to be on the safe side I’m going to buy a bucket to keep next to the machine.

  3. Hey Skyler… I have a Static Contraction machine I bought a few years ago for about three grand, called the EF 7000. Unfortunately, I’m in the process of moving from Austin now though, and I’ve been wanting to sell or donate my machine to someone who will actually use it. It is in excellent shape, but so few people know about static contraction that I haven’t found a buyer. I need to have all my stuff cleared out of my house by this Sunday though, so I’m getting desperate to get rid of it, so I don’t have to end up throwing it away. Therefore, I’m wondering if you might be able to make good use of it. If you’re willing to come pick it up from my house in northwest Austin, I’ll give it to you for free! Also check out craigslist if you want to see pictures of it – I have it listed on there under XF 7000 Static Contraction machine. Cheers.

    1. Eric,

      Thanks but no thanks. We’re packed to the gills with equipment at the moment, but I appreciate the offer and thanks for checking out my site!

      1. Kyle,

        The machine is not for sale yet but when it is and has a final name I will update my blog.


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