Efficient Exercise TV Episode 1

Hey everyone, listen to Keith, Mark, and I talk about a wide range of health related topics on EETV:

Rough outline of topics at hand:

1. Introductions

2. What about my cardio?

3. Iowa football mishap

4. Vibration plate (from New York Times )

5 thoughts on “Efficient Exercise TV Episode 1

  1. It’s fun to put voices to the faces! ( Sidebar: For some reason, when I read Skyler’s blog I always heard a tough Irish brogue).

    I like this format. Convenient all around. Bring EE to Chicago. Of course, I’d love to hear about PC and ladies. Physical culture, when I hear it, means strong men, and beautiful women (not necessarily strong). Same genetic “freaking” involved. Different application.

    When 3 talented men, such as yourselves, it’s interesting to hear what you discuss. Of course, identify with your viewing audience. If you want to address regular gals/moms/non-genetically disposed beauties/skinny bitches, I’d love to hear it. Regardless, keep it up. Fun and informative to hear to you exchange together.

    1. Tough Irish brogue, ha! I love it!

      We’ll cover a lot; we have a large population of clients who are everything from genetic freaks to average joes (and Jo-ettes). We’re attempting to use clients questions and segue into other interesting things. We hope to get better week by week!

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