Efficient Exercise TV Episode 2

Hey everyone, check out the new episode!

We discuss…

1.Walking and the brain

2.Methods of intensity

3.Sex and health

4. Six pack abs

and other “wind us up and go” topics!

6 thoughts on “Efficient Exercise TV Episode 2

  1. Skyler et al,

    How about a video demonstration of how you use the blast straps for ab work?

    Also, how’s the vertical jump these days? I haven’t seen any comments on how that’s going.

    I like the videos, keep making more of them as you can.


  2. Awesome stuff. Great filtering of the information out there.

    I loved the “table presses” comment. Will definitely be passing that one along.


  3. Great Stuff!!! I am still confused between following Leangains IF and the PB. I did follow a program under Martin for close to 2 months, but had to give up due to improper supplementation. The fat burner burnt me out like nothing else and I ended up sick and could not complete the program. Well I did lose a bit of bodyfat. Was around the 12-13% mark and ended up with he same amount after dropping out. Once I resumed, I started doing 24 hr fasts starting Thursday nights and and start eating only on Friday nights. The diet mostly comprises of meat, fish, veggies, sat fat, nuts and a lil fruit. I have come to my lowest bodyweight in recent years. 67.5Kgs. The arms and calves have leaned out drastically(lost too much size). Yet I am not in a great defined state. Still carry a bit around my lower abs. I cut out dairy and grains some two months back. Workouts are typically once a week 5 exercises done superslow. Ur comments on a recent workout would be very helpful. With your busy schedule would it be possible for you to coach me online. Though I train people with good results, I seem to not be able to train myself to be my best.

  4. Another question regarding workouts. I follow EE channel on youtube and have noted that you guys do not follow a fixed routine. In fact in the recent episode, Keith even mentioned about having different equipment to train different each time, making it more productive. I understand that you workout twice a week. If using different routines (not just alternating), how do you guys ensure progress. The recent negative workout was awesome. But, I’ve seen Keith employ the CZT with Nautilus machines in one of his workouts and now this. How do U guys stay on track and I can see you guys are on track.

    1. Keith is a monster who might grow walking through a gym. He wrote a post on his blog a long time ago about how he does different movements that are similar and tracks over time. He’s also at the limit of his genetic potential and is basically having “fun” while working out. I tend to do better when the routine is consistent and I’m not my own training. Such is life.

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