Inputs and Biological Responses

Michael Allen Smith, who writes entirely too much, recently wrote this about the messy  notion of "Quantified Self." The link he provides gives you all you need to know about why humans tracking inputs into our biology leaves all sorts to be desired...the margin of error is just too much for any sort of meaningful … Continue reading Inputs and Biological Responses

Grand Unified Training Spectrum 2.0

Since posting a couple weeks ago, I've received some good feedback and had a few "duh" moments myself regarding how this should look. As much, I've already updated and improved the design, which now looks like this: So one of the things I've done is expanded the "general" section because there is more leeway in … Continue reading Grand Unified Training Spectrum 2.0

Getting “Stronger” With Aging – How Do We Score?

This is an expanded version of an answer I wanted to give over at Doug's website to the question of how do you judge improvement in functional ability with aging. Specifically, Ed is almost 69 but feeling really solid about his strength. The exchange: “Another Point: Folks, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re “stronger” after … Continue reading Getting “Stronger” With Aging – How Do We Score?

Body Criticism: It’s Turtles All The Way Down

Yesterday on Facebook, Krista Scott Dixon posted this: She's right: if you are otherwise free of pathology, there is nothing wrong with your body. This is a fitness industry-wide trap, to make you feel bad about your body as a means of motivation. Unfortunately it's as big a trap as the one the Rebels encountered … Continue reading Body Criticism: It’s Turtles All The Way Down